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1472 Broadway
New York City, 10 10036
Phone: (855) 466-7467
, 73° 59' 8.808" W

H&M should always have the best customer offering in each and every market. We offer collections that are wide-ranging and varied for women, men, teenagers and children.

To us, design, quality and sustainability are not a question of price: we should always offer inspiring fashion with unbeatable value for money.

Quality is a central topic, from initial idea to final product. It is our aim to always exceed our customers’ expectations on quality.

We ensure the best price by:

in-house design
no middlemen
large purchasing volumes
buying the right products from the right markets
efficient logistics
cost-consciousness in all parts of the organisation
An important element of our strong offering is that H&M should be the more sustainable choice. Considerable resources are devoted to increasing sustainability.

H&M does not own factories, but instead buys products from independent suppliers that are close long-term partners of H&M. We work to bring about long-term improvement for people and the environment – in the supply chain, the garment lifecycle and the communities in which we are active.

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