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Russian man fakes death to make sure girlfriend really loves him before proposing
Added By: Sally Fielding

A man from Omsk, gave a new meaning to the phrase 'love you to death', after faking his own demise and then springing back to life to propose to his girlfriend.

Alexey Bykov wanted to know if his girlfriend Irena Kolokov really loved him, before he committed to spending the rest of his life with her.

According to the Daily Mail, 30-year-old Bykov hired a director, stuntmen and a make-up artist to help him stage a car accident and fake his own death, reported.

When Kolokov arrived at the pre-arranged meeting spot, she discovered a scene of carnage with mangled cars and ambulances.

"Then when I saw Alexey covered in blood lying in the road a paramedic told me he was dead and I just broke down in tears," she said.

As she was crying Bykov sat up and proposed to her. She said yes.

The couple got married last week.

"I wanted her to realise how empty her life would be without me and how life would have no meaning without me," Bykov said.

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