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John Travolta & Salma Hayek in SAVAGES movie preview
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COMING SOON - John Travolta & Salma Hayek in SAVAGES movie preview...
COMING SOON - John Travolta & Salma Hayek in SAVAGES movie preview
SAVAGES (movie synopsis)
California entrepreneurs Ben and Chon run a lucrative business raising marijuana and share a one-of-a-kind love with beautiful Ophelia . Life in Laguna Beach is idyllic for them, until Elena, the merciless leader of the Mexican Baja Cartel, moves in and demands a piece of the action. However, Elena underestimates the trio's unbreakable bond, and with the help of a shady DEA agent, Ben, Chon and Ophelia go to war.
Release Date:
Jul 6, 2012
MPAA Rating:
Action, Crime Drama, Thriller
Oliver Stone
Taylor Kitsch Chon
Blake Lively Ophelia
Aaron Johnson Ben
John Travolta
Uma Thurman
Benicio Del Toro Lado
Salma Hayek Elena
Emile Hirsch
Demián Bichir
Moritz Borman, Eric Kopeloff, Todd Arnow, Shane Salerno
Shane Salerno, Don Winslow, Oliver Stone
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