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Nicole Kidman & Matthew McConaughey in The Paperboy movie preview
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Nicole Kidman, Matthew McConaughey, Zac Efron, & John Cusack in The Paperboy movie preview...

In 1969 Florida, reporter Ward Jansen returns to his hometown to write a story about death-row inmate Hillary Van Wetter, who was convicted of murdering a racist lawman. Ward hires his younger brother, Jack, as a driver and, together with his partner, Yardley, gets to work. Though the possibility exists that Van Wetter is innocent, Ward and Yardley unwisely trust a vixen who will do anything to set the convict free.

Release Date:

Oct 5, 2012

MPAA Rating:


Running Time:





Lee Daniels


Matthew McConaughey Ward Jansen

Zac Efron Jack Jansen

David Oyelowo Yardley Acheman

Macy Gray Anita Chester

John Cusack Hillary Van Wetter

Nicole Kidman Charlotte Bless

Scott Glenn W.W. James

Ned Bellamy Tyree Van Wetter

Nealla Gordon Ellen Guthrie

Adam Sibley Eugene Van Wetter

Camille Balsamo Pam

Ava Bogle Renee

John P. Fertitta Sam Ellison

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