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Tom Hanks & Halle Berry in Cloud Atlas movie preview
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Tom Hanks & Halle Berry in Cloud Atlas movie preview...
multiple roles in an epic that spans five centuries. An attorney harbors a fleeing slave on a voyage from the Pacific Islands in 1849; a poor composer in pre-World War II Britain struggles to finish his magnum opus before a past act catches up with him; a genetically engineered worker in 2144 feels the forbidden stirring of human consciousness -- and so on. As souls are born and reborn, they renew their bonds to one another throughout time.


Cloud Atlas: The IMAX Experience

Release Date:

Oct 26, 2012

MPAA Rating:


Running Time:



Drama, Mystery, Science Fiction


Lana Wachowski, Tom Tykwer, Andy Wachowski


Tom Hanks Zachry, et al

Halle Berry Luisa Rey, et al

Jim Broadbent Timothy Cavendish, et al

Hugo Weaving Nurse Noakes, et al

Jim Sturgess Adam Ewing, et al

Doona Bae Sonmi-451, et al

Ben Whishaw Robert Frobischer, et al

James D'Arcy Rufus Sixsmith, et al

Susan Sarandon Madame Horrox, et al

Hugh Grant Kona Chief, et al

Keith David Joe Napier, et al

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Robert Fyfe Old Salty Dog, et al

Martin Wuttke
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